Our mission

To provide a level of training to our players that ensures the highest level of social and athletic development and growth.

Playing the game professionally, having self-respect, and respecting others are the core values that this program was built upon. Being a Firecracker means you understand that you are beautiful, certain of yourself, and very capable of playing this game. Most importantly, you are striving to make the decisions that will provide you happiness for the rest of your life.


Firecrackers Miller/Baisdon
Coach(es): Curtis Miller
Team Website
Location: Stockton, CA


Torres 01 16U
Head Coach - Steve Price
Team Website Rio Linda
Firecrackers Sjolie
Coach(es): Rob Sjolie
Team Website
Location: Roseville, CA


Nor Cal Firecrackers Price
Location: Sacramento, CA
Team website
Nor Cal Firecrackers Ludwig
Coach - Tom Ludwig
Location: Modesto, CA
Team website: Team Site
Nor Cal Firecrackers Altimus
Head Coach: Mike Altimus
Location: Reno, NV
Team Website: Nor Cal Firecrackers Altimus
Nor Cal Firecrackers Mejias
Head Coach - Armando Mejias
Location: Manteca, CA
Team Website: N/A
Nor Cal Firecrackers-Gregory
Head Coach: Scott Gregory
Location: Pleasanton, CA
Team Website: N/A
Nor Cal Firecrackers - Hewitt
Head Coach: John Hewitt
Location: Sacramento, CA
Team Website: N/A


Nor Cal Firecrackers Mettler
Coach: Greg Mettler
Location: Central Valley, CA
Team website
Nor Cal Firecrackers Everett/Parry
Coaches Brandan Everett/Nick Parry
Location: Oakdale/Modesto Area
Website: Nor Cal Firecrackers Everett/Parry

Tony Rico’s 18 Gold Team

Firecrackers Rico
Coach(es): Tony Rico, Don Minard
Team Website
Location: Huntington Beach, CA